Minimally Invasive Gum Treatment in San Ramon


At New Age Dentistry, Dr. Sherry Steinmetz provides patients with minimally invasive soft tissue correction through the Chao Pinhole procedure in San Ramon. To learn more about this option for gum care, contact our office today.
Many patients who have experienced gum recession are referred to a periodontal specialist for treatment. While restoring dental health by augmentation of soft tissues is highly beneficial, grafting procedures tend to make patients nervous, making it likely they will forego treatment. 

Problems Caused by Gum Recession

A number of factors can lead to the recession of gum tissue, including teeth grinding, a poorly aligned bite, misaligned teeth, or simply genetics. The natural effects of aging can lead to recession of the gum tissues as well. Those with gum recession are often left without sufficient soft tissue to cover the roots of the teeth and ensure their stability. 

Gum recession leads to:

The appearance of long teeth
Exposed tooth roots
Loosened teeth
Increased dental sensitivity

What is the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique?

Correcting gum recession used to mean that subepithelial tissue was taken from another portion of the mouth and placed over the roots of the teeth. But with the Chao Pinhole procedure in San Ramon, you have a non-invasive alternative to traditional soft tissue grafting. 

The process involves making a small access point, as fine as the tip of a needle, to then gradually move gums.

This form of treatment does not require the stitches of traditional grafts and accelerates the expected recovery time after your procedure. Collagen strips are applied through the pinhole site and onto the surfaces of the previously exposed roots to aid in proper healing and root coverage. Results of this treatment are long-lasting; patients can expect to see healthy gum tissue for years to come. 

What Makes Chao PST Different? The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Gum Treatments

This suture-free, incision-free treatment for gum recession allows Dr. Steinmetz to restore the aesthetics of patients’ smile and the health of their gums with one procedure. Patients express that there are minimal postoperative symptoms such as discomfort, swelling, and bleeding at the treatment site. Treatment with the Chao Pinhole technique is also fast and can be completed with a much shorter appointment than tissue grafting surgery. 

The performance of this treatment requires specialized training. Dr. Steinmetz is just one of the few providers certified in this procedure, which ensures patient comfort and effectiveness of care. Patients interested in the Chao Pinhole procedure will need a certain level of gum health. Treatment also requires dental soft tissue to be plentiful enough to support treatment. If patients do not qualify for this minimally invasive option, we can help them understand the benefits of traditional grafting procedures. 

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